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Health is the gracious gift of God, and is preserved best by choosing the most healthful lifestyle possible, empowered by the Grace of God. We invite you to explore and learn more on these pages.

Practical questions on your health answered by the professionals.

"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security" - Jeremiah 33:6

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For over 150 years Adventists have advocated a vegetarian diet for good health. The original diet given to us by the Creator was a vegetarian diet consisting of various plant foods. Scientific evidence accumulated over the past half century has shown conclusively that a well-balanced vegetarian diet is not only nutritionally adequate but also conveys health benefits

It is not easy to maintain balance in a busy life.  But, not being easy does not mean it is not achievable.  Stressful, busy periods of ministering to people may be inevitable and can be manageable in the short-term. But when we don’t take steps to keep the stress levels under control, we can become victims of long-lasting negative consequences. 

We usually think of stress as being caused by negative pressures or unhappy events of life. Those are easily recognized. However, sometimes we do not realize that even “good pressures” and working for a good cause,...


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